Multi-Mode 100 Lumens Cree LED Headlamp

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The Monstrum Tactical HL01 Tactical headlamp is versatile multi-mode headlamp suited for camping, hiking, hunting, tactical, and everyday use.

A single high-powered 100 Lumens Cree Q-3 LED provides a bright, white, even light with a beam reaching over 50 meters. 2 Green LED's provide a softer, green illumination designed to enhance night vision. 2 Red LED's that illuminate in a variety of modes for signalling purposes. 8 different blinking light modes provide additional visibility when used in urban environments and can be used for signalling and communication. A small, 3 level battery charge indicator light shows the status of your batteries and alerts you when they are getting low.

Dual push buttons on the top of the lamp allow for quick and easy switching between the various modes. White light, red, green, blinking, signal and many various color combinations. The right button toggles bright white, soft white, and green light modes. The left button toggles the various red light modes. A combination of the top buttons allow for the selection of many additional color and light combinations.

The headlamp runs on 3 alkaline AAA batteries located in a hinged rear compartment for easy replacement. Lithium, rechargeable NiCs and NiMH batteries can also be used. Batteries are not included with purchase

This multi-use headlamp can be attached to bicycles, atv's, canoe's, etc. to provide additional visibility at night. A soft, adjustable elastic headband allows for a comfortable fit. The HL01 is weather-resistant and weighs 2 ounces.