2 Point Paracord Rifle Sling with 2 Quick Detach Hooks

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  • Brand: Sniper
  • Materials: 1.5-inch 600D, nylon webbing, metal hardware
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Length: Adjustable from 44” to 54”
  • Color: Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Number of Attachment Points: 2
  • Compatibility: Most sling mounts
  • Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee
  • Functional 2-point design
  • Easily adjusts from 44 inches up to 54 inches.
  • Sturdy 550 paracord woven to a width of 1.5 inches.
  • Heavy-duty HK hook clasps for quick installation and removal.
  • Durable 1.5-inch nylon 600D webbing and metal hardware.

This practical two-point sling easily attaches to most rifles, shotguns, and crossbows with standard sling swivels using durable hook clasps. A true workhorse, the Two-Point Paracord Sling can be worn several ways. Pair it with a rifle and it allows you to wear your weapon diagonally across the front of your body, the barrel pointed down in a ready position. However, it works just as well for carrying a shotgun or crossbow hunter-style over one shoulder.

Built to handle rough use and harsh environments, this sling is crafted from durable 600D nylon webbing and sturdy 550 paracord. With over 22 inches of woven paracord, the sling also doubles as a survival tool.

Two heavy-duty metal hook clasps allow you to quickly attach and detach the sling to two separate sling mounts on your weapon.

Designed to comfortably fit most body types, you can easily adjust the length of the sling from 44 inches up to 54 inches. It is available in two colors, Black and Flat Earth, so you can easily coordinate your sling with your weapon

All Monstrum firearm accessory products come with a lifetime guarantee.

550 Paracord

550 paracord is a type of kernmantle rope which consists of 7 twisted inner strands surrounded by an outer sheath of woven nylon. Originally used for suspension lines on parachutes, 550 paracord is rated to support up 550 pounds.

This general purpose utility cord is a valuable tool for camping, hiking, and outdoor survival. It is invaluable in an emergency situation and can be used to rig a shelter, secure gear, replace broken shoelaces, and dozens of other applications. The fine inner stands can be removed and used to stitch wounds, repair clothing, or even make a makeshift fishing line. 

One-Point Vs Two-Point Slings

A one-point sling has a single point of connection with your weapon, usually at the rear of the receiver. The one-point sling design provides maximum freedom of movement, rapid transitioning from shoulder to shoulder, and easy aiming in CQB situations. Although your weapon is always easily accessible when worn in a single-point sling, the sling design leaves your weapon dangling in front of you when you aren’t shooting, where it can bounce into you in uncomfortable places. For safety, shooters should always keep at least one hand on their weapon when using a single-point sling.

A two-point sling is a simple strap that attaches to your weapon at two separate points. Two-point slings allow you to carry your weapon in a variety of positions, including the traditional hunter-style (where the sling is slipped over one shoulder with the muzzle pointing up) or a more tactical style (where the sling is slipped over the head and the dominant shoulder and the weapon is worn diagonally across the body). 


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