Monstrum Stingray Weapon Mounted Light

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Stingray Weapon Mounted Light

1600 Dual Osram LEDs or 1200 Osram LED and Class-IIIa Laser

Designed to enhance your tactical capabilities and provide exceptional illumination in any situation, the Stingray is available in two powerful variants, catering to your specific needs:


Stingray Dual LED: This model boasts a potent 1600-lumen dual LED configuration, delivering a wider beam pattern ideal for close-quarters combat and rapid target acquisition. Utilizing two 10-watt OSRAM LEDs, the Stingray Dual LED offers superior brightness and exceptional light consistency compared to single-LED configurations.


Stingray LED + Green Laser: This variant combines a 1200-lumen LED with a green Class-IIIa laser, offering a focused beam for longer-range target identification and aiming, alongside the versatility of the laser sight.

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Utilizing a renowned OSRAM LED ensures superior light quality, characterized by High Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Long Lifespan.


The integrated green laser provides a highly visible aiming point, facilitating precise target acquisition and shot placement, especially in low-light conditions.


A built-in 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery provides extended runtime, and conveniently charges via USB-C for easy power management.


A solid aluminum body ensures the Stingray can withstand the rigors of everyday use, while maintaining a lightweight design for enhanced maneuverability.


Compatible with standard MIL-STD 1913 picatinny rails for seamless integration with your firearm. The Stingray also features anti-recoil lugs for 


Invest with confidence, knowing your Stingray is covered for its lifetime.


Why choose a dual LED configuration?

Wider and more even beam pattern: Dual LEDs provide a broader and more consistent light distribution, crucial for close-quarters combat situations where you need to illuminate a larger area quickly.


Enhanced reliability: If one LED malfunctions, the other remains operational, ensuring you don't lose critical illumination in low-light environments.


Superior light quality: The Stingray Dual LED utilizes 10-watt OSRAM LEDs, recognized for their exceptional brightness, color rendering, and long lifespan.


Max Output: 1600 Lumens


Dynamic Step Down Settings:


Dual LED

1600 lm - 3 Minutes

800 lm - 65 Minutes


Single LED

800 lm - 3 Minutes

300 lm - 91 Minutes

Why choose a LED + Laser Combo?

Exceptional Brightness: At 1200 lumens, this LED delivers ample light for effectively navigating low-light environments and identifying targets at moderate distances.


Precise Aiming: The integrated green laser provides a highly visible aiming point, facilitating precise target acquisition and shot placement, especially in low-light conditions.


Increased Versatility: The ability to use the LED, laser, or both independently provides flexibility for various tactical situations.


Max Output: 1200 Lumens


Dynamic Step Down Settings:


1200 lm - 3 Minutes

500 lm - 65 Minutes


Laser aim point can be adjusted using the included allen wrench.


This Stingray allows you to use either the laser or the light, but not both simultaneously.