Keymod vs. the Traditional AR-15 Quad Rail

Keymod vs. the Traditional AR-15 Quad Rail

Posted by Monstrum on Jan 31st 2019

If you follow the AR-15 market or have spent anytime shopping for a new AR rails or accessories recently, you have no doubt seen the term "KeyMod"  being thrown around a lot lately.  But what exactly is KeyMod?

KeyMod is a recently introduced standardized rail system, formally released in 2012, for attaching accessories to your rifle or AR-15.  The KeyMod rail system is modular in design, with rails and accessories that can be removed or attached at specific attachment points as needed. 

A Brief Primer on the KeyMod Rail System

On the AR-15, the KeyMod handguard installs on the fore end of the rifle in the same manner as a traditional free float quad rail hand guard.  However, instead of four bulky full length MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails that run the length of the rail, the handguard has rows of KeyMod slot holes.  As a result, KeyMod handguard systems tend to be slimmer, lighter, and more ergonomic.

AR-15 with KeyMod Rail Handguard

Short, modular Picatinny rail sections or accessories designed for use with KeyMod systems can then be attached only where needed.

Introduced as open industry standard in 2012, the KeyMod system has quickly gained favor among firearm enthusiasts.  A wide assortment of fore grips, bipods, flashlight and optics mounts, and other accessories specifically for use with KeyMod have hit the market.  As adoption rate increases, the availability and price on these accessories is improving day by day.

AR-15 with Keymod accessories

If that is not a brief enough primer for you, to reiterate:

  • Standardized rail system for attaching accessories to your AR-15
  • Handguards have rows of KeyMod slot holes rather than four full length Picatinny rails
  • Rails and accessories are attached modularly as needed to KeyMod slot holes
  • Slimmer, lighter, and more ergonomic in design than the traditional MIL-STD-193 Picatinny quad rail handguard 

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