4 Ways to Accessorize Your AR-15 Build on the Cheap!

4 Ways to Accessorize Your AR-15 Build on the Cheap!

Posted by Monstrum on Jan 31st 2019

After saving up and finally treating yourself to a brand new AR-15, like many first time AR owners, you may be in for a rude awakening: the spending has only just begun!

Quad rail handguards, optical sights, custom accessories, and more… Each of which may range up to several hundred dollars.  High end rifle scopes alone can cost upwards of $2000.  In the end, accessorizing your AR can cost several times as much as the stock AR itself!

But fear not!

We here at Monstrum Tactical have dedicated ourselves to providing practical and reliable AR-15 rails and accessories at rock-bottom, no-nonsense pricing!

To demonstrate that you do not have to break the bank in order to deck out your new AR-15, we have put together a few practical AR builds on a sensible budget.

The Tactical Build

This tactical AR-15 build gives you everything you need for combat situations from close range out to several hundred yards.  You can sight in your targets at close range using the rear sight/front sight post iron sights or at a distance using the illuminated 3x compact prism scope.  The extended quad rail allows for addition of other accessories, such as a bipod or a flashlight, depending on your tactical needs.

  • AR-15 Carry Handle with Rear Sight and Optics Mount: $23
  • S330P 3x Prism Sight: $100
  • Extended Carbine Length AR-15 Quad Rail Handguard with FSP Cutout: $35
  • Vertical Front Grip: $9

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The Shooting Range Build

The shooting range build gives you all the bare essentials for taking your AR-15 out to the shooting range. The 1-4x magnification scope with illuminated reticle will give you a clear sight picture out to several hundred yards.  The lightweight free floating KeyMod handguard will work with a bipod or a rest without any impact on barrel harmonics or accuracy.

  • 1420-R 1-4x Magnification Tactical Rifle Scope with Offset Reversible Scope Rings: $80
  • 15 inch Free Float KeyMod Handguard: $75

The Home Defense Build

The home defense build prepares you for close quarters encounters with potential intruders.  The F30L Combination Grip/Flashlight/Red Laser Sight gives you visibility at night or in low light conditions, lightning quick target acquisition at close range, and even comes equipped with a blinding strobe.  All in one versatile package!

  • AR-15 Carry Handle with Rear Sight: $20
  • AR-15 Drop-in Quad Rail Handguard $19
  • F30L Combination Grip/Flashlight/Red Laser Sight

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The Flat Dark Earth Build

Outfit your AR-15 in flat dark earth for combat outdoors or in desert terrain.  Our flat dark earth accessories are a close match to Magpul flat dark earth furniture and our AR-15 carry handle with FDE finish is the only one of its kind on the market.

  • Flat Dark Earth AR-15 Carry Handle with Rear Sight and Optics Mount: $25
  • Flat Dark Earth R01C Red Dot Sight: $30
  • Flat Dark Earth Drop-in Quad Rail Handguard: $25
  • Magpul FDE PMAG Magazine $15
  • Magpul FDE MOE Pistol Grip $19
  • Magpul FDE CTR Stock $57

 Each of our AR-15 accessories comes with a lifetime guarantee and our dedicated first class customer service!  To view our entire line of AR-15 accessories - including quad rails, KeyMod handguards, carry handles, rifle scopes, and more - please visit us at