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Every dollar you spend earns you 1 Bullet Point. You can also earn points through other actions like leaving reviews, following us on Facebook and more.



Cash in your Bullet Points for real discounts. Each 100 Bullet Points equals one dollar. The more it grows the larger the discount you will receive.


Give $10, Get $10

Refer a friend and you both get $10 in store credit when they spend $20 or more. Your personalized link is located in the rewards launcher.



Bullet Points are also your way into the Monstrum VIP Program. You start at Bronze and once you reach the threshold for Siver or Gold the bonus accumulate even faster. You can also receive Free Gifts, extra discounts and exclusive VIP only sales.


0 BP

1500 BP

3000 BP

Bullet Points Earned
$1 = 1 BP
$1 = 2 BP
$1 = 3 BP

Bonus Points
50 BP
500 BP
1000 BP

Birthday Bonus

Discount Coupon

10% off

20% off

Exclusive VIP Sales

Special Gift*

* Promotional products may change at anytime based on availability.

How do I sign up?

All previous Monstrum accounts have already been enrolled and given points. If you are a new customer just create a Monstrum account: Create Account.

How Do I redeem my points?

Use the link in the rewards launcher to convert your points into a discount coupon to be used on a future order. If you spend 500 points then you will get a $5 off code to use and so on. These codes are automatically emailed to you immediately after and can be found in the rewards laucher as well. Only 1 can be used per order.

When does my referral credit expire?

Points and Discount Codes expire in 1 year. You will receive an email warning of the expiration prior to the date. Referral links sent to friends are only valid for 30 days from the moment the code has been shared.

How can I share my code

The best way is to share it on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Friendly emails are also appropriate but you must distribute it responsibly. Bulk emails or "spam" is unacceptable and is strictly prohibited.

Can I refer more than one friend?

Yes! The more friends you can refer and the more discounts you will accumulate.

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*** 30-day satisfaction guarantee ***

We promise you will be satisfied with your purchase or return it no questions asked for a full refund.